• På garden Påldtun i Nordfjord legg vi barndomsminner på flasker og glas etter oppskrift frå mor si heimelaga saft og besta sitt syltekott. Alt er 100 % heimelaga og utan kunstig tilsetning.
  • Top Methods for Writing a College Essay

    The top 10 tips for writing a college essay are very simple We only need to be more organized and we should ask our self, why are we writing? I am going to show you the steps to writing your own college essay. You need to organize your own ideas and words before you start. […]

  • How to publish a great Paper upon Tone

    The response to how to write an essay on the tone is not as simple as most people think Many people assume that the tone of the piece must fit the tone of the writer and that the correct «tone» must be used to convey the desired message. In reality, as long as the text […]

  • How to jot down the Logical Composition Structure

    It is not uncommon for students who are in high school to ask how to write an analytical essay structure Since so many people with varying backgrounds and perspectives will be reading your work, it is important that you have a structure in place that is logical and easy to understand. Also, it is good […]